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  • Date: 3/20/2014

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South Caucasus Infrastructure and New Energy Investment Summit 2014 

Tbilisi saw over 100 participants from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, and elsewhere meet up for the South Caucasus Infrastructure and New Energy Investment Summit 2014. KPMG was the Gold sponsor for this important regional event, and provided three speakers for the conference held on 6 and 7 February.


Robert Vartevanian was the first up to present "Infrastructure Financing, Reflections from International PPPs with a Focus on Transport". In the afternoon Vassily Savin presented "Future Energy Sources, Key Factors of Success" and Andrew Coxshall wrapped up on Friday morning with the presentation "Tourism Infrastructure and the Global Mega Trends".

The conference saw participants from the Georgian Government (Minister of Regional Development and the Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources) as well as International Financial Institutions, such as IFC, EBRD, Asian Development Bank and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank. In addition legal firms, construction companies and non-governmental organisations attended this event, which focused on public transport, renewables – the alternative energy market, environmental urban infrastructure and tourism infrastructure.

Andrew Coxshall summed up the importance of the summit for the region by stating: "The South Caucasus needs to upgrade many parts of its infrastructure and needs assistance to do so. The conference brought together many of the players required to transform the current infrastructure to enable the countries of the South Caucasus to realise their full potential."


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