• Type: Event
  • Date: 11/2/2011

KPMG managers plant 120 trees in the village of Tserovani 


On 20 October, as part of the New Manager Milestone Event, 42 first-year managers from nine KPMG offices spent their Make a Difference Day volunteering at the village of Tserovani in Georgia. Today this village houses those who fled their homes for reasons of safety during the events on the Russian-Georgian border in August, 2008. They are de facto refugees, the only difference being that they remained in the country where they have citizenship.

The village of Tserovani is quite new and has virtually no trees. This, coupled with the hot summer and strong winds, leads to accelerated soil erosion.

Most of the local residents cannot afford to maintain the surrounding territory, so volunteers from KPMG and The Greens Movement of Georgia, a non-profit partner of the firm’s office in Georgia, went to Tserovani to plant trees on one of the village streets and clean up the surrounding territory. Through their joint efforts, 120 walnut, linden and pomegranate trees were planted. During the work the volunteers met the families living in Tserovani, and some were even invited in for tea.

This was the latest event organized by KPMG in Georgia to help local communities. Last year, volunteers from KPMG planted trees in a kindergarten, gave the children books and study materials, and purchased several inflatable pools for them.