Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the culture of KPMG Europe LLP and is part of our values and our business strategy. We are committed to behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and using our skills to make a lasting contribution to communities.


Our vision


  • To inspire innovation and new thinking on responsible business practice
  • To understand and effectively respond to the needs of our local communities
  • To manage responsibly our environmental impacts
  • To inspire and enable all our people to participate in our programmes
  • To be the best choice for our people, clients, and communities


Our active approach to CSR also helps us build valuable and trusted relationships with our people, our clients, our suppliers and society at large. Our aim is to ensure that we embed CSR across KPMG Europe LLP right down to local office level so that our people can get involved in their local communities near where they work and live.


Where appropriate we are harmonising our approach to CSR with strong leadership from the KPMG Europe LLP Board, consistent policies, dedicated resources and clear communication. But our approach can be modified from country to country to reflect local culture and priorities. Volunteering, charitable donations and environmental conservation continue to be the three main pillars of our programme and we’ve made strong progress on all three in the year.


Our commitment to communities and the environment help keeps KPMG grounded in the real issues that face society. It is a vital ingredient in the glue that binds our people together across KPMG ELLP’s member firms.


* Excluding the Belgian audit practice


Member firm information

If you want to know more about our CSR activities or our values please visit the websites of our ELLP firms.


 * Excluding the Belgian audit practice