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      Interview with Chairman of KPMG Hazem Hassan

      Mr. Hazem Hassan, Chairman of KPMG Hazem Hassan, was interviewed by Almal Newspaper, regarding the Egyptian Tax Law. (Press release - 1/4/2015)
      Modified date: 2/24/2015
      Press release

      Tax rates online

      Tax rates online ( (10/11/2014)
      Modified date: 2/24/2015
      Press release

      Hazem Hassan Leadership Message

      KPMG has jumped to second place, behind Google and ahead of our competitors, on a global index of the world’s most attractive employers (10/11/2014)
      Modified date: 2/24/2015
      Business and industry issue; KPMG information; Press release

      KPMG Hazem Hassan has been appointed by the Government

      KPMG Hazem Hassan has been appointed by the Government to review the logistics study
      Modified date: 2/23/2015
      Press release

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