From clients to investors, from government to the public – people have very high expectations of KPMG Hazem Hassan.

Welcome to KPMG Hazem Hassan…

We respond by recruiting outstanding individuals and providing the career opportunities, training and support they need to thrive, professionally and personally.

KPMG Hazem Hassan opens the door for challenging, rewarding  careers in audit, tax and advisory. Joining KPMG International's network of over 140,000 outstanding professionals in around 146countries provides excellent professional  and personal development opportunities. Opportunities to build a career that suits you, develop at your own pace and work and learn within our open, friendly and supportive culture.



Why KPMG…?

Number of things comes to mind. But I think most importantly, think about an enriched career. Think about a place that your career can take you anywhere around the world. Think about a place that will be challenging and dynamic. The opportunities in front of us are tremendous. And the challenges that you can have in a career at KPMG really are only limited by your imagination. Where your interests lie, where your skill sets are. Where you want to live, and where you want to work.


Developing your skills

We believe we have developed one of the strongest learning and development packages you will find anywhere.


A career on the move.

We make it easy for you to move around at KPMG- both between member firms and different functions.


Interesting clients, varied work.

Today, we have a great need for people with unique skill sets, in audit, tax and advisory. Historically people think of us as an accounting firm. And thats true. That’s our origin. But if you look beyond that, we need specialized skills today to execute in the capital markets.  Specialized skills around complex financial instruments, Transaction Services, Corporate Finance, Operations improvement, International tax. So the opportunities today in the marketplace for us as an organization, are tremendous. And importantly, the opportunities for people joining us, from a career standpoint, have never been better. So if you have skill sets in tax, advisory or audit, think KPMG as a place to have a career.


What is Special about KPMG?

Think about an organization where you bring two things together and make it very special. One is the people. Our people around the world are some of the brightest people at what they do. They're enjoyable to work with. And match those great talented people up with a tremendous, set of client, tax, advisory, or audit. You have the opportunity to work with the greatest companies in the world. So when you think about KPMG, think about the blend of our people and our firms' clients, and the opportunity it creates for you to learn, to have enriched careers and exciting opportunities.


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