Antigua Overseas Bank Limited (in liquidation) 

Antigua Overseas Bank Limited (in liquidation) – Appointment of Joint Liquidators


On 11 February 2016, by Order of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Cleveland Seaforth and Brian Glasgow, each a Partner of KPMG Eastern Caribbean, were appointed as Joint Liquidators of Antigua Overseas Bank Limited ("AOB"), a banking company incorporated in Antigua.  

A copy of the Court Order confirming the Joint Liquidators’ appointment is attached below for your records. 


Background to the Joint Liquidators’ Appointment


The Joint Liquidators’ appointment followed a petition to the Court by the Financial Services Regulatory Commissions (“FSRC”), filed on 24 July 2014.


Prior to the Joint Liquidators’ appointment, Mr Charles Walwyn and Kathy David were appointed as Joint Receiver-Managers (“JRMs”) of AOB. The JRMs were appointed by the Court on 10 April 2012, also following a petition by the FSRC.


On 16 October 2015, by their request, Charles Walwyn and Kathy David were released as JRMs by the Court, and Hodley Forbes was appointed as the sole JRM of AOB.


Mr Forbes was released as JRM when the  Court granted the liquidation Order appointing the Joint Liquidators on 11 February 2016.

Purpose of website


This website is designed to facilitate the distribution of various relevant information and correspondence from the Joint Liquidators to AOB’s stakeholders, including, in particular, any depositors who held money at AOB and may have a creditor claim against AOB in the liquidation.


The Joint Liquidators’ contact detail are noted on the banner on the side of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact the Joint Liquidators or their agents. 

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The Joint Liquidators act on behalf of AOB, and accept no personal liability.


Contact Details

Cleveland Seaforth
Cnr. Sir Sydney Walling Highway
& Carnival Gardens
P.O. Box 3109
St. John’s
Antigua & Barbuda
West Indies
Te: +1 (268) 462 8868

Brian Glasgow
The Financial Service Center
P.O. Box 561
Kingstown Park
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
West Indies
Tel: +1 (784) 456 2669