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Search Tips

Having trouble finding what you want in your searches? Keep in mind that the quality of your results depends a lot on the words that you use. Here are some tips to make every search more effective:

  • Make sure that you spell search words correctly. Remember to leave a space between each word in your query.
  • Use words that you would expect to find in the content that you are looking for, but use words that are as specific as possible.
  • Click a category to see only the results associated with that category. Lists of categories appear to the left of the search results.
  • Search for exact phrases by placing the search words within quotation marks. For example "corporate governance".
  • Use the '-' character to exclude words. For example, if you search for tax -audit, you will get results for tax but not for audit.
  • Vary your search terms. A different word or phrase will return different search results. Use fewer descriptive words, or try words that have a different but similar meaning.
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • Common words, such as a, and, and the are ignored.
  • You do not have to type the word AND between your search words. By default, all searches only include results that contain all the search terms you specify.
  • By default, search results are sorted by relevance. Search results can also be sorted by date -- with the newest items appearing first -- by clicking the "View by Modified Date" link located above the search results.