KPMG International Annual Review 2010 

The year 2010 produced extraordinary changes around the globe and resulted in enormous challenges for individuals, businesses and governments, but KPMG has given its clients a competitive advantage by delivering new thinking and solutions that help them to cut through the vast complexity they now face on a daily basis.



"Cutting Through Complexity" surveys the increasingly interconnected world and the shift of economic power from West to East, examining India’s changing tax laws and the implications for investment, the strong business relationship between Brazil and China, and emerging economic potential in Africa. It poses the question, "How do you perform efficiently across a far-flung global enterprise?" KPMG’s thought leaders address that question throughout the Review.


Jeremy Anderson, Global Chairman, Financial Services, and Aidan Brennan, Global Chairman, Performance & Technology, say change offers companies the chance to reconsider their business models, while Joachim Schindler, Global Head of Audit, talks about the challenges multinational companies face amid the wave of regulation following the financial crisis. In a video, Edge Zarrella, partner, KPMG China, says Cloud technology provides clients—especially those in Asia—an opportunity to make a "transformational shift" in overcoming regional technology limitations.


People are essential to thriving in a complex business environment, the Review reports, especially people adept at working across national borders. Kaisri Nuengsigkapian, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in Thailand, has dubbed herself "Chief Encouragement Officer," because she encourages her people to become passionate global citizens. This approach is applauded by Rachel Campbell, KPMG’s Global Head of People, who adds that learning at KPMG has become a worldwide enterprise, thanks to initiatives such as the KPMG Business School.


The Review also demonstrates how KPMG people in 2010 used their leadership skills to confront the world’s great dilemmas. Tim Stiles, Global Chair, International Development Services, narrates a video montage on KPMG member firms’ relief efforts in earthquake-devastated Haiti, and Yvo DeBoer, global adviser, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, tackles the business implications of climate change policy.


In addition, the Review’s animated graphics provide statistics on the KPMG’s Global Green program, Global Mobility assignments, and fiscal 2010 performance.