Financial Reporting 

KPMG’s audit focuses on business issues and the matters that can impact on the financial statements, whilst also retaining the basic audit procedures that test the information contained in the financial statements. Our approach is grounded in the market dynamics of our clients helps ensure that our judgements are both relevant and insightful.



Eric Aholi

Head of Audit

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We determine the quality of our audit opinion through a powerful combination of professional integrity, independence and ethical behaviour, underpinned by rigorous quality control procedures. This approach is supported by some of the leading processes, technologies and tools that assist our teams to access knowledge, focus on the issues that impact on our audit judgements and improve the efficiency of the audit. The overall result is an independent and incisive view attesting the quality of the information provided.


Financial Statement Audit – This is based on KPMG's audit methodology and transforms the audit process from a traditional compliance driven function to a risk and systems based approach by creating a framework for auditors to assess how a client's business risks are managed and how they can impact financial statements.


Country Specific Statutory Reporting - helps enable us to assist clients with the application of, and compliance with, local specific statutory reporting requirements.


IFRS Attest/Compliance Reporting - provides a structured approach to help clients assess, design and implement International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


U.S. GAAP Reporting Services - helps enable us assist clients with the application of, conformity with, and reporting under U.S. GAAP, when required and as appropriate.


U.K. GAAP Reporting Services - helps enable us assist clients with the application of, conformity with, and reporting under U.K. GAAP, when required and as appropriate.


Prospective Reporting - services are typically provided to existing audit clients who need prospective financial information to obtain financing from a bank or through an offering of securities. The services generally relate to the development of, presentation of, and reporting on prospective financial information, and provides either a report to the regulator or a report to other parties prepared under regulations provided by the regulator.


Other Forms of Audit and Attestation Reporting - include Non-Financial Audit services, and Agreed-upon Procedures and other forms of self-reporting. Organizations have realized that financial reports alone do not adequately communicate either opportunities or business risks. KPMG’s Non-Financial Audit services help organizations learn how to define, capture, and report on non-financial indicators to help them find new ways to safeguard their reputations, build trust among their stakeholders, and, ultimately, improve their corporate performance.