Integrity and Forensic Services 

The changing nature of business has created new opportunities, but also new risks and potential threats including: 

  • The increasing sophistication of fraud, organized crime and terrorism more complex legislation and regulations, some with increasing extra-territorial reach 
  • Developing challenges around technology 
  • Complex cross-border disputes 
  • Pitfalls from expanding into emerging markets 
  • Dependencies on unfamiliar business partners more complex supply and distribution channels 
  • Theft and misuse of intellectual property.

Organizations that effectively monitor and swiftly respond to potentially damaging situations such as these are better placed to deal with them quickly and successfully, while reducing adverse financial, reputational or operational impact.


Our Services


Fraud and Misconduct Investigations - Fraud and Misconduct Investigative services include the investigation of management, procurement, employee, third party, advance fee, counterfeiting, or e-fraud. Examples include accounting misstatements and public interest investigations.


Financial Reporting & Securities Investigations – Financial Reporting & Securities Investigations include Investigations into suspicions of fraud, accounting irregularities and misstatements, or other improprieties affecting the integrity of an organizations financial reporting system; and assisting in litigation or government investigations into these activities.


Dispute Advisory Services - Dispute Advisory Services help organizations manage risks arising from claims, adversarial relationships, disputes, and litigation. Specific areas where we can provide assistance include general commercial disputes, class actions and complex data, intellectual property and construction, real estate and government contracts.


Expert Witness - This service describes the appointment by one or more parties to act as their independent expert witness(es) in a dispute in litigation (civil or criminal), arbitration, mediation, an expert determination or a disciplinary enquiry. The work may cover any or all of liability, professional negligence, matrimonial, quantum, insurance claims and share and business valuation issues.


Integrity Audit - An audit of the company’s soft controls, usually conducted on an annual basis, to establish whether the values of the company are being lived by the staff and management, whether the strategy and business objectives are congruent with the values and risks, and whether the company operates within legal, contractual and ethical boundaries.


Forensic Technology - Forensic Technology Services provide technical investigative support, digital evidence recovery services, and discovery document management support, combined with customized development of security policies and technical training programs. Examples include cyber litigation support, cyberinvestigations, data analysis and digital evidence recovery and analysis.


Data Analytics - Forensic data analysis takes existing disparate sets of financial and operational data that organizations routinely collect in the normal course of business and extracts additional value by making a series of comparisons, summaries, and aggregations to detect anomalies, patterns, and trends that are traditionally indicative of fraud or other misconduct.


Fraud Risk Management - Fraud Risk Services assists clients in managing the risk of fraud and misconduct within a department, function or division throughout the organization. Examples include Fraud and Misconduct Diagnostic, Fraud Risk Workshops, Fraud Risk Assessments, and systems enhancements to reduce the risk of fraud.


Forensic in the Audit - This service describes Forensic assistance to audit teams in connection with the consideration of fraud risk and the assessment of antifraud programs and controls.


Audit Risk Analysis - KPMG Forensic can assist the audit practice with its client risk assessment by providing insight into various potential problems and warning signs.


Asset Recovery/Tracing - Asset Recovery/Tracing services involve the identification and tracing of assets in multiple jurisdictions. Analysis is undertaken to determine the optimum recovery which may involve various judicial solutions including obtaining freezing orders to prevent further disposition of assets.


Intellectual Property Investigations - Intellectual Property Investigative services help organizations in uncovering, investigating and preventing theft and fraudulent use of intellectual property. These services included counterfeiting investigations, gray market investigations, piracy reviews, and implementing and monitoring surveillance programs. Other services include royalty reviews, recovery and control systems.


Anti-Money Laundering - Anti-Money Laundering services include such services as the development of anti-money laundering compliance programs, compliance reviews, presentation of anti-money laundering programs, implementation of anti-money laundering compliance programs, the drafting of anti-money laundering policy documents and general staff training. Examples of other services include anti-money laundering assistance for regulators/governments and anti-money laundering reviews and advice.


Corporate Intelligence - Corporate Intelligence is the collection and analysis of public information that has strategic value. Corporate Intelligence services allows for the gathering of domestic and foreign intelligence regarding the strengths, vulnerabilities and strategies for those with whom they engage in business. It also helps identify potential risks and provide relevant information needed to evaluate corporate strengths and weaknesses, financial background, reputation and operating history, litigation history, and questionable or illegal activities. Service extends to potential employees, affiliates, and contract or trading partners and includes such services as investigative due diligence, executive and director screening and supplier vetting.


Regulatory and Compliance Services - The provision of services to firms in regulated sectors and their regulators, and firms subject to undertakings to competition authorities, in particular the investigating or monitoring of issues which may lead to penalties if firms are found to be non-compliant with regulatory or other obligations. Types of engagements include uncovering secret commissions, unraveling stock market scams, and exposing insider trading. Under our Compliance Advisory service, KPMG Forensic members can assist regulators in ensuring compliance competition law. This assistance may include developing monitoring protocols, conducting independent reviews and/or structuring processes to address potential breaches.


Ethics and Integrity - Ethics and Integrity Services work with organizations to develop and strengthen board oversight and governance practices. Proactive examples include developing a culture improvement program consisting of gap assessment, member training and monitoring programs. In addition, KPMG Integrity Services can conduct integrity investigations (reactive) to assist clients in determining the facts causing a breach or potential breach of corporate ethics and compliance programs.


Integrity Due Diligence - Integrity Due Diligence involves the collection and analysis of information regarding the background, business track record, reputation and integrity of individuals and organizations, generally in relation to prospective or existing business relationships. IDD can identify risks unlikely to be revealed by financial and legal due diligence. It includes: Client Acceptance, Know Your Customer (KYC), Enhanced Executive Screening, Business Partner Due Diligence, Supplier/Vendor vetting, Probity Reviews (e.g., Gaming Industry which is not offered in the U.S. market), Support Services relating to compliance with anti-corruption regulations (such as the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)).


Fraud Hotlines - Fraud Hotlines are management tools designed to enable concerned employees as well as third parties confidentially report their suspicions of fraud.


Contract Governance – Channel Distribution Reviews: exercising third party audit or verification rights in relation to validating compliance with sales distribution and resale contracts concerning the accuracy of sales, inventory reporting and that specific sales conditions have been met with regard sales, price support claims and rebates, inventory write downs. - Supplier Reviews: exercising third party audit or verification rights in relation procurement arrangements, under gain share, cost plus/fixed margin, most favoured/best customer pricing structures including outsourced manufacturing and services.




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