Financial Risk Management 

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In this climate, enterprises of all kinds and sizes want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.


Increased complexity, exposure to change and competitive pressures led to a global trend to refocus on risk. KPMG Advisory professionals assist clients to develop robust risk management practices to respond to the ever changing risk landscape

  • Capital Management


Developing a capital-efficient business model requires a detailed understanding of the drivers and dynamics of the balance sheet. KPMG professionals provide a transparent line-by-line analysis of key balance sheet performance metrics, enabling greater understanding and oversight of the impact of strategic decisions.


We help you identify opportunities to release regulatory capital and isolate the stress factors that may lead to a greater capital burden.


  • Credit Risk


We provide clients with a full range of wholesale and consumer credit risk management and operational improvement services. We assist organizations in the alignment of their credit risk methodologies, processes, and tools with leading risk practices; we also advise clients on the development and validation of credit risk measurement models as well as assist clients in achieving and maintaining compliance with credit risk regulatory requirements.


  • Operational Risk



  • Market Risk & Treasury


KPMG’s market and treasury risk practice can effectively support clients in the process of identification, management, measurement and mitigation of market risks. We offer a wide range of services such as Financial Risk Management, Capital Market Operations, Asset and Liability Management, Financial Products evaluation, energy management and commodity risk.


  • Liquidity Risk and ALM


Asset and Liability Management encompasses the strategic management of the balance sheet aimed at achieving sustained growth, profitability and solvency. It involves a multiplicity of management activities and responsibilities, including the formulation of long-term strategic goals and objectives and the management of various risks including liquidity risk, interest rate risk and market risk.


  • Insurance Risk and Actuarial


Our team forms part of a wider Financial Risk Management function that brings together multidisciplinary approaches to distinguish the relevance and importance in the solutions we provide. We help clients with their model validation, ensuring appropriateness of data, assumptions and methodology to allow models to be used effectively within the business.


We can also assist in designing, producing and independently reviewing the actuarial models such as pricing and actuarial valuation models.


We also focus on additional risk solutions such as credit risk and operational risk models.


  • Regulatory Risk


KPMG’s Regulatory Practice provides strategic and technical regulatory and compliance solutions to help financial services providers anticipate and manage their regulatory risk.


What's in it for you? 


  • Improved confidence in risk management as a platform for growth. 
  • An independent design, review and assessment of risk identification, measurement and management with knowledge transfer to staff. 
  • Meet the demands of a changing regulatory landscape including Solvency II for insurers, and Basel II for banks. 
  • Build a well-managed relationship with the regulator involving less intensive scrutiny, intervention and consequent commercial or reputational damage. 
  • Effective capital and portfolio management, leveraging value from limited resources.




  • We integrate our financial and regulatory risk specialists with actuaries, forensic and technology specialists to cover a very wide range of different risk types (e.g. credit, operational, fraud, market, group, regulatory, IT). 
  • Our credit portfolio management team is unique, having come from the industry and with an impressive track record. We are completely independent, especially of technology solutions which other advisors try to push onto their clients and could compromise the integrity of their advice. 
  • We have worked with many financial sector firms.




David Leahy

Head of Financial Risk Management

+254 (20) 2806191