People and Change 

Our People and Change team is passionate about transforming organisations and assisting them to align their human capital to their corporate strategy. Our team assists businesses embrace change and strengthen performance across the spectrum of strategy, talent identification and management; change management; HR function optimisation; organisational design and development and cultural change and management. Specifically, we focus on turning our knowledge and experience into value add recommendations for our clients that work.



Jimmy Masinde

Director, Management Consulting

+254 (0)20 2806000

Specifically our service offerings are:


  • Organisation structure design and reviews; 
  • Job analysis, evaluation and grading; 
  • Competency profiling and skills audits; 
  • Performance management; 
  • Reward management - salary surveys and salary structuring; 
  • Strategic human resource reviews; 
  • Change management; 
  • Restructuring and retrenchment; 
  • Human resource policy development; 
  • Psychometric testing; 
  • Employee climate surveys; and 
  • Executive recruitment.


Our services are broadly summarised as follows:


Organisation design and development - creating effective and efficient organisation designs that deliver the capabilities and performance required by our client’s strategic intent.


Talent identification and development - ensuring that strategies are developed and implemented that result in the identification and development of talented resources within an organisation.


Behavioural change management - accelerating and making sustainable and successful implementation of change by developing strategies that deal with the impact on people created by changes to strategy, structure, processes and technology.


HR function optimisation - creating an HR function by developing leading delivery models for the implementation of the broader human capital strategy.