Food Trade East and Southern Africa 


In early 2013, IDAS joined DAI as a subcontractor to manage DFID's five-year £28.25m Food Trade ESA programme that will work to improve the functioning of national and regional staple food market systems. The project management unit (PMU) will be based in Tanzania and will serve as a centre of knowledge working with both the public and the private sectors to bring systemic change in staple food value chains across the region, including policy and regulatory changes where possible. Beneficiaries will be primarily poor farmers in the ESA countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi. This will include households headed by women.


To implement this exciting new programme, IDAS will build on our extensive experience working in agribusiness markets across Africa and managing challenge funds to engage the private sector and policymakers in ways that help make markets work better for the poor. Watch this space for news about our work going forward!


Challenge funds as private sector development tools: progress and potential

In recent years, challenge funds have emerged as an innovative way to engage the private sector to promote pro-poor economic growth and community development.