GTF Learning and Impact 

In order to maximise the learning from the rich range of approaches and contexts in which grant holders have worked, a Learning and Impact Strategy was developed in the final 18 months. This had the following 3 objectives:


  • articulate the major results that GHs have achieved;
  • contribute to the body of governance knowledge on DFID priority areas at the global level by capturing lessons from the results and a series of learning events;
  • provide context-specific knowledge and lessons.


This strategy was implemented through the Most Significant Result analysis process, the production of briefing summarising lessons from the results. This website was created to host these documents as well as over 65 learning documents and over 55 videos produced by GTF grant holders that demonstrate the breadth and depth of knowledge and learning from GTF programmes.


To view more information or to download documents, click on following links:


Learning and Impact