GTF Briefing Papers 

A Briefing Paper has been produced to summarise the kinds of results achieved in each category and how they were achieved. The main intention is to make the results in the database more accessible to the user.


Each paper presents an overarching theory of change for the category together with underlying assumptions. A number of the different pathways that have been pursued are then described. The next section presents a case study for each pathway and lists the other relevant results. The final section discusses how these results fit in with current thinking on Voice and Accountability programming.


The papers rely principally on qualitative methodologies. They seek to understand how different strategies and approaches can work in particular situations. While we believe we have incorporated a wide variation of circumstance, they are not based on a statistically valid sample and should not be considered as representative of civil society in general or DFID-programming more broadly.


In addition we present a Briefing Paper for four of the parameters used to analyse the results. The aim is to describe what has worked and what hasn’t and to briefly summarise the lessons learned from the experience of producing the analysis. These 4 briefing papers are:


  • Theory of change
  • Approaches and tools
  • Use of the evidence framework
  • Value for Money.


These papers will be made available soon.

Learning and Impact