Organisational Development 


Financial Governance Training for Wellcome Trust Partners across Africa


The Wellcome Trust recently engaged KPMG to assist in strengthening African institutions to enable them to directly support and conduct health-related research as part of the African Institutions Initiative. This work includes capacity building, focused on financial management and systems, across six African countries.
The African Institutions Initiative aims to develop institutional capacity to support and conduct health-related research vital to enhancing people's health, lives and livelihoods. The £30 million initiative will strengthen Africa's universities and research institutions and help develop research networks.




Organisational Strengthening of Inuka Kenya


Inuka Kenya, a young organisation founded by John Githongo, is currently implementing a number of programmes including the USAID-funded Yes Youth Can (YYC) programme in Nairobi’s slum areas. The YYC programme supports youth-led recovery and development programmes in areas that experienced post-election violence or are at high risk of violent conflict in the future. The programme has been designed to empower Kenyan youth to achieve a greater voice in national reform and create new livelihood opportunities.


KPMG has been contracted to provide services to Inuka to develop organisational financial systems, policies and processes, and to support strengthening the capability and capacity of the Inuka finance team, to enable it to successfully implement Inuka’s financial policies.



Support to the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) Rwanda


KPMG has provided support to the Offices of the Auditor General in both Kenya and Rwanda. In Rwanda, since April 2008, KPMG has been working with the directors and auditors of the OAG on financial audit assignments and on the full cycle of performance (value for money) audits. KPMG also coaches and mentors staff in the execution of audits in Computer Aided Audit Techniques (CAATs). In Kenya, KPMG has undertaken audits of various organisations on behalf of the Kenyan OAG.



Organisational Strengthening of Mathare Youth Sports Association (MYSA)


MYSA started in 1987 as a small self-help youth project that organises health awareness and community development activities through the medium of sport. Today 25,000 youth and over 1,800 boys and girls teams in over 100 leagues play football on a weekly basis in Nairobi’s slum areas.
As MYSA has grown, its governance, internal controls and financial management have required strengthening. KPMG’s organisational strengthening work includes support to improve board effectiveness, mentoring support to the MYSA management team, and substantial work to strengthen the financial systems, policies and processes, with the use of innovative organisational strengthening techniques such as inter-NGO mentoring.

Innovation: Uongozi

Innovation: Uongozi
In September 2012, Inuka launched Uongozi - a multi-media leadership thought provoking initiative. One component of Uongozi is a leadership challenge reality television show, similar to the X-Factor, which called on citizens to elect leaders on the show who demonstrate responsive governance and focus on quality service provision. The show aired in Kenya leading up to the March 2013 presidential election. KPMG played a key role in supporting Inuka to deliver Uongozi through providing programmatic and application management services.