Impact by design  

Achieving meaningful impact requires designing programmes from start to finish with long-term goals in mind. For each of the programmes we work with, we begin by assessing objectives. Are our goals realistic? Have we correctly framed the problem and laid out the right steps to address it? How will we measure our success and continuously evaluate and improve our work along the way? What will ensure that we leave a legacy of sustainable impact?


We carefully craft our programmes based on international best practice and innovative new ideas with input from our expert project teams, our partners, and the global KPMG network. Performance indicators have been developed and refined through our extensive experience of what works in different sectors on the ground. We insist on performance-based management that links work plans to desired results and considers value for money in programme assessments as well as day-to-day management. Our managers listen to stakeholders and beneficiaries and reassess our approach through feedback loops along the way. In every engagement we look for the best methods by which to achieve lasting change.


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Impact Highlights

Impact Highlights

Grants by the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) to multiple companies working on agricultural inputs in Zimbabwe are having a major impact on the market system there, shifting the way business is done to the benefit of smallholder farmers and rural communities.