Our TS strategy team focuses on commercial and operational due diligence among other range of services.

On the operational due diligence front our professional focuses on assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of your operating model – in order to help you estimate future cost requirements. Cost areas of focus could include: cost of goods sold, operating costs, working capital, SG&A, capital expenditures and cost synergies.


While commercial due diligence team provides a range of services to support corporate Boardroom and Governmental decision-making around major activities such as growth, large investments and disposals.


What's on your mind?

  • Uncertainty over strategic direction:
    • Launch, build, buy, partner, fix or divest decision to make
    • Competitive corporate / business unit strategy
    • Transformational growth strategy
  • Need to understand the major drivers to increase business value
  • Need to understand changing competitive landscape or regulatory environment
  • Need to understand the market, competitor and customer dynamics that impact revenue and profit
  • In the case of Government, need to understand what market interventions might be used to satisfy policy objectives


Bringing you peace of mind

Market and competitive intelligence

We undertake market and competitive analysis, usually to help underpin strategic investment / divestment decisions or to inform wider strategic assessments.

We can provide support before an acquisition or divestment or as part of it through commercial due diligence. We give robust opinions on future potential, upsides and risks, based on an assessment of the market underpinned by fact-based analysis. We offer similar market and competitive analysis to support the strategic planning process.

Strategic options and decision making

We help organisations to define their future strategy through an objective assessment of the challenges they are facing and potential solutions available to them. Our approach often involves Board facilitation underpinned by rigorous analysis.

We can help develop a range of potential ‘futures’, support you in your preferred option and help to build paths to get there.