Due Diligence 



The need to know is greater than ever


If you are a target, no matter how great the strategic fit or how compelling the market opportunity, there are almost always certain business aspects of the transaction impacting valuation that simply require further validation or scrutiny.


If you are a private equity investor, you may be lacking adequate resources, or access to key data, to validate your assumptions.


If you are a corporate acquirer, you may need third-party objectivity or deeper competitive knowledge to raise your comfort level. Given the streamlined nature of many deal teams and the aggressive timing of transactions, many acquirers—both corporate and private equity—find it challenging to validate all the key business issues at the appropriate level of detail.


How do you take the guesswork out of the process and verify the key assumptions of your financial model?


Our due diligence (DD) team delivers a data-driven, issues-focused approach to due diligence. Our approach uncovers hard-to-find information efficiently and quickly to help dealmakers make better investment decisions, even when time is scarce. We provide the bandwidth, the objectivity, the insight, and the access to industry information that you need to decide whether a deal will ultimately add value. This is achieved through our highly experienced and industry focused team that drives a focused and efficient due diligence process and provide you with a thorough and objective analysis of the Target’s risks and opportunities throughout the engagement.




  • All our due diligence work are led and carried out by full-time professionals with relevant sector expertise who know how transactions run
  • Our professionals can quickly identify areas requiring specialist input and ensure that such specialists report relevant issues ready for use in carrying out your mandate
  • We report current and potential value leakages to you immediately we become aware of them
  • We quantify and highlight due diligence findings that impact operations and valuation, hence your price negotiation
  • We ensure you are aware of risks that require protection through negotiation of contractual warranties and guarantees and
  • We highlight value, relevant areas that require your attention post acquisition


Challenges of Due diligence


We highlight that the challenges in undertaking transactions should not be underestimated and potential investors should expect to face lengthy and delayed processes with potentially unexpected developments. Thus we are always keen to invest in the relationship and undertake a detailed due diligence to build a consensus view of the transaction structure and perimeter and valuation expectations.



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Why due diligence is of utmost importance in a M&A transaction

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