Financial Risk Management 

Is the changing economic and regulatory landscape forcing you to re-examine how you identify, measure and manage risk and capital?


Our dedicated risk and capital management team work closely with regulators, business effectiveness and technology professionals to help clients preserve the value of existing assets, building confidence in the risk management framework as a platform for growth.

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David Leahy

Head of Financial Risk Management

+254 (20) 2806191

What's on your Mind?


  • Creating an effective group-wide risk governance structure which joins up the teams and processes dealing with risk. 
  • Rebuilding both internal and external stakeholder trust and confidence in risk management, identifying areas of weakness and enhancing systems and controls to facilitate growth. 
  • Operating efficiently in a capital and liquidity constrained environment.
  • Improving the assessment of portfolio credit risk and enhancing the portfolio's performance. 
  • Responding to increasing demands from regulators and new requirements on transactions, solvency, liquidity, managing customer funds and other key areas.


Bringing you Peace of Mind


We can help add value by providing industry understanding, regulatory insight and technical advice across a range of risk issues including:


  • Effective and integrated risk governance. 
  • Efficient liquidity and capital management, including stress testing and scaling. 
  • Enterprise risk management, risk methodologies, tools and approaches (including credit portfolio management) for banks, insurers and investment managers. 
  • Risk management and valuations related to Energy, Commodity and Derivative products. 
  • Guidance and independent reviews on regulatory reporting criteria and methods. 
  • Assistance for start-up firms looking to begin the process for regulatory authorisation.


Our aim is to help financial sector firms reassure their internal and external stakeholders, as well as regulators and the capital markets, that their approach to risk management works both now and in the future.


What's in it for you? 


  • Improved confidence in risk management as a platform for growth. 
  • An independent design, review and assessment of risk identification, measurement and management with knowledge transfer to staff. 
  • Meet the demands of a changing regulatory landscape including Solvency II for insurers, and Basel II for banks. 
  • Build a well-managed relationship with the regulator involving less intensive scrutiny, intervention and consequent commercial or reputational damage. 
  • Effective capital and portfolio management, leveraging value from limited resources.




  • We integrate our financial and regulatory risk specialists with actuaries, forensic and technology specialists to cover a very wide range of different risk types (e.g. credit, operational, fraud, market, group, regulatory, IT). 
  • Our credit portfolio management team is unique, having come from the industry and with an impressive track record.We are completely independent, especially of technology solutions which other advisors try to push onto their clients and could compromise the integrity of their advice. 
  • We have worked with many financial sector firms.