Programme and Fund Management 

Sound technical and financial management is integral to donor funded programmes today more than ever. Trying economic times in donor nations, more accountable governments across Africa and increased scrutiny by tax-payers all emphasize the need for every dollar of development aid to demonstrate value and impact, whether implemented directly or through partners such as private companies or civil society organisations. Our role as KPMG IDAS is to be a “pair of safe hands” while simultaneously implementing innovative approaches and interventions that will maximise impact.


KPMG IDAS: Making it happen


Programme and fund management is a centre of excellence within IDAS based on our extensive experience, which encompasses the entire programme management cycle from design to impact evaluation. Through our various management contracts, we have supported the implementation of large amounts of aid in the US$ billions bracket.


To capture our experience and be able to hit the ground running with new programmes, we have designed a programme and fund management kit that contemplates a number of different implementation and delivery models and can be adapted to the unique requirements of each engagement. These internal standards allow us to mobilize and set up programme and fund management systems and offices quickly and efficiently. This is also the basis for regular training of our team of professionals.


The programmes that we manage have financed the activities of governments, private companies and civil society organisations, in many cases promoting partnership arrangements across these diverse institutional actors. We have worked for clients as diverse as AGRA, AusAID, Danida, DFID, Dutch Aid, IFAD, JICA, Norad, Sida and various African governments.


We have a solid in-depth knowledge and on-the-ground experience in Africa.


KPMG’s key services in the programme management space include:

  • Programme and fund management services: KPMG reputation for maintaining integrity and transparency in programme and fund management
  • Due diligence, capacity assessment and fiduciary risk assessments: KPMG provides these services across Africa, and works with organisations to strengthen their financial and operational capacity.
  • Impact, monitoring and evaluation: KPMG has full-time staff dedicated to ensure that our programmes are on track and that impact is maximised. We continuously review the performance of our portfolio from a value for money perspective, exchanging lessons and key insights with our clients and across our portfolio. We also evaluate programmes and initiatives implemented by others to make sure that IDAS continues to lead international best practice.
  • Risk management: KPMG has developed a comprehensive risk management framework within which programmes are implemented and monitored. This includes tailored risk identification, mitigation and monitoring tools, and procedures. We have full time staff in our largest programmes dedicated to risk management and our programmes are constantly reviewed for compliance with KPMG standards and specific donor requirements.


Our team


Kamal Shah



Kamal has worked in programme and financial management in Africa for over 10 years, particularly on donor-funded programmes, and leads KPMG’s offering in this area. Kamal has provided professional services to a range of donors and international agencies such as the Global Fund, DFID, Sida, Danida, USAID, the European Development Fund (EDF) and JICA, working in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK.

Kamal is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and is currently undertaking an MSc programme in Sustainable Development with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.


Eric Khaemba 

Senior Manager


Eric specialises in the delivery of advisory services to government, development partners, foundations and non-governmental organisations. He has more than eight years experience in programme management and institutional development within the sub-Saharan Africa including delivering development projects in fragile states and managing funds.


He supports public institutions promote accountability and efficient use of public resources through design of institutional and fiduciary frameworks for greater development effectiveness. He is conversant with government and international development tools and instruments aimed at addressing governance and economic challenges.


Eric holds a Bachelor of Laws degree, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certificate and a diploma in Management of Information Systems.


Rachel Keeler 

Impact and Innovation Manager


Rachel brings a broad range of experience in research and analysis of finance, investment and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa, having worked across the public and private sectors with donors, investors, business leaders, government and civil society.


Rachel leads our work on gauging impact and innovation across the IDAS portfolio. Through ongoing programme appraisal, she works to understand and leverage synergies amongst our projects in order to achieve maximum value for clients and keep IDAS on the cutting edge.


Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from the University of California, and a Masters in Global Politics from the London School of Economics.


Monica Mubezi 

Senior Manager


Monica is a senior manager at KPMG, with 15 years of working experience. Monica currently the project manager on Access to Finance Rwanda a multi-donor funded project worth £10m where KPMG is playing the fiduciary oversight role with emphasis on financial management, human resource management and procurement administration as well as administrative /logistical support. She brings in expertise in fund management - establishing financial management, accounting and control procedures especially for donor funded programmes, project cycle management systems and manuals and developing policies and procedures on managing fiduciary risk.


Monica is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants and is currently undertaking an MBA programme from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, UK



AECF: Biolands International: In Sierra Leone, this ambitious project funded by the IDAS-managed Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund is transforming the cocoa market by improving the quality and quantity of cocoa produced by smallholder farmers. Farmers are now able to market the improved cocoa at higher prices, raising the profile of the entire national cocoa industry. As of 2011/12, the project had contracted over 30,000 farmers...Read more


Supporting Demand Side Accountability in Tanzania: In March 2011, ODI was engaged by AcT to research whether or not AcT is helping CSO partners to become more effective in achieving change. The research was conducted in Tanzania and four of the AcT partners were involved...Read full report


The Sweet Bite of the Bee – Mozambique Honey Company Case Study: A capacity development project and an innovative public-private partnership in honey marketing, facilitated by the iTC land fund in Mozambique, are helping to boost incomes and simultaneously ensure forest conservation.



AECF Renewable Energy and Adaptation to Climate Change Technologies Window AECF REACT fund grantee, M-KOPA offers pay-as-you-go solutions through mobile money for purchase of small solar systems in Kenya. We selected this exciting company as a grantee in our first REACT window because we saw the opportunity to address a persistent market bottleneck: the inability of low-income customers to pay for RE products up front. We have since funded three more companies offering pay-as-you-go solutions through REACT round two, recognizing that with a little support this promising business model can change the market going forward.

Client Feedback

Accountability in Tanzania Programme
An External Independent Review of the AcT Programme, carried out in April 2012 noted that, “The AcT management model is probably unique in DFID’s global support to Civil Society Organizations. It breaks new ground in approach and methods. … The programme … adds value to the quality of partners’ work [and] partners have demonstrable achievements to their name in the area of accountability. The programme management model … offers important learning opportunities.”


Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
In AECF, we have found a partner whose value transcends funding. The improved rigour of our business planning, monitoring and evaluation processes, the strategic insights we’ve gained from AECF’s experience in other countries, and new business development opportunities from introductions to other beneficiaries – these have all contributed significantly towards helping us achieve the impact we believe Splash is capable of in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Daniel Osei-Antwi, Managing Director
Splash Mobile Money, Sierra Leone