Assessments and Organisational Development (AOD) 

Across the world, the service delivery demands placed on civil society, governments and public institutions are increasing, while donors demand greater accountability as they manage the politics of austerity with their electorates. Robust processes and systems are essential for an organisation to focus on meeting these increasing service demands. For donors seeking to optimise the value and impact of their funding, understanding an organisation’s systemic capabilities, challenges and fiduciary risks, helps to ensure that the appropriate organisational strengthening and risk mitigating measures can be implemented.


 Our Work




KPMG: Strengthening organisations to deliver

KPMG’s Assessments and Organisational Development (AOD) team works with donors, civil society organisations (CSOs), community-based organisations (CBOs) and governments to assess and strengthen organisations and to support improvements in their service delivery. Leveraging our deep understanding of civil society and CBOs, governments and donors, we are able to conduct informed assessments and make appropriate recommendations based on a wealth of comparative benchmarks. Our services include:


  • Assessments - Fiduciary risk and Organisational: Conducting a robust due diligence or fiduciary risk assessment is increasingly seen as a best practice requirement for donors at the pre-grant stage. KPMG recognises the need for a robust evidence-based approach to assessments that clearly identifies fiduciary risks and appropriate mitigating actions. An organisational assessment typically focuses on identifying organisational areas that would benefit from strengthening, and is conducted in a participative way with collaborative generation of appropriate solutions.
  • Organisational development: KPMG’s approach to organisational strengthening is fundamentally different to the many traditional approaches to ‘capacity building’, being rooted in Gestaltian psychology. Our participative and experiential method is a facilitative approach that helps to build ownership of issues and agreed solutions, where more traditional capacity building approaches rely on the use of subject matter experts. In our work we use a full range of organisational strengthening experts with experience across civil society, government, donor and private sector spheres, and with experience in governance and strategic planning, finance and procurement, human resource management, and programmatic delivery.


Our team


Chris Kelly


Chris brings over 12 years experience of working with non-governmental organisations, government and the private sector in an advisory and audit capacity.  He has particular expertise in public financial management and fiduciary risk assessments, governance and organisational development, and change management.


Chris has a Masters in Governance and Development from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Sussex, is a Chartered Account (ICAS), and has been a chair, trustee and advisor for a number of international development charities over the last 12 years.


Andrew Nekuse 


Andrew is a senior manager at KPMG, with 11 years of working experience. A significant portion of his experience (8 years) was gained in Audit, where he was Audit Manager focussing on Telecoms and Donor funds, before joining our Advisory unit to support our clients in Public sector auditing and value for money audits. He is currently leading a team of KPMG Managers to provide capacity Building services to staff of the Office of Auditor General Rwanda. In this Capacity Building project, KPMG has facilitated the development of a performance management system to help to clearly define staff performance targets and to facilitate regular assessment of performance and development of tailor made training programmes to improve staff productivity and performance. KPMG provides both on-job training and classroom training to all audit staff, to help them improve their skills in planning, conducting and managing audits of Central Government entities and ministries, Local Governments, Embassies, Parastatals and projects. Ultimately, the assignment is aimed at building a pool of highly competent staff that will enhance capacity of OAG Rwanda to increase coverage and improve the quality and impact of their audits.


Andrew holds A Bachelor of Statistics Degree from Makerere University and is a Member of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).



Impact: Organisational Assessments

Impact: Organisational Assessments

Rigorous organisational assessments are an essential baseline for effective risk management. KPMG’s team conducts 80-100 assessments per year that are used to inform donor funding decisions. For example, for one grant-making organisation, we have completed 50+ assessments. 50% of the assessed potential grantees were rated as presenting a high or substantial fiduciary risk and either not contracted, or contracted with conditionalities and/or at a lower grant amount. Had the grant-maker contracted without information from our assessment, there is likely to have been a higher risk of financial loss.