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  • Date: 10/12/2013

Three Roles of a Member of Parliament 

This book is a good induction tool for new Members of Parliament and sets out responsibilities to their political party, the parliament and constituency. It examines their conflicting pressures and seeks to identify strategies for success in each role.

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People enter politics for different reasons. Some have a utopian vision of a world they wish to see. Others are drawn by a desire to oppose injustice, corruption or incompetence. Many simply want to represent their community and speak up for its needs.

The opportunities to achieve great social change through political action are huge. Galvanising the support of a nation, winning a strong electoral mandate, seizing the reins of power can enable politicians to lead their nations or communities to great heights. However, the machinery of government and the competing pressures and demands of the modern political arena can distract, disorientate and disempower the keenest of political activists.