• Type: Publication series
  • Date: 6/12/2014

KPMG Kenya Budget Brief 2014 

In 2013, Kenya embarked on radical changes to its governance structure by devolving significant national government functions to 47 county governments.
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The government investment in social services increased by 7.1% from USD 4.3 billion to USD 4.60 billion. 83% of this expenditure was allocated to payment of salaries for teachers. During the year, the government increased the expenditure on vulnerable persons to cushion them against the rising cost of living - the number of households covered increased to 164,000 compared to 49,000 in 2012.


Many businesses are facing difficulties getting skilled labour especially craftsmen jobs due to neglect of technical training institutions and conversion of mid-level colleges into constituent colleges of universities. To address this concern, the government increased investment in youth polytechnics and technical training institutions resulting in an increase in enrollment from 127,000 in 2012 to 148,000 in 2013... Read more