• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 12/19/2013

Afghan government improves Open Budget Index ranking by publishing key budget reports  

The Afghan government significantly improved the transparency of its budget and published three key budget reports containing important information not previously made public. Afghanistan’s score in the internationally recognised Open Budget Index improved from 8 in in 2008 to 59 in 2012.
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Context and Theory of Change


The IBP focuses on budgets because evidence shows that they are the most powerful tool a government has to meet the needs and priorities of its people, particularly those from poor and disadvantaged communities. We work to make government budget systems more transparent and accountable to the public based on our belief that improved transparency and accountability can make budgets more responsive to the needs of poor. Our belief is supported by a growing body of evidence showing that when ordinary people have access to budget information and the opportunity to participate in the budget process, they can contribute to substantive improvements in governance and service delivery2.


We developed the Open Budget Survey in response to feedback we received from our civil society partners regarding the challenges they face in accessing budget information from their governments. Without such information, it is very difficult for anyone to monitor a government's progress toward the achievement of their development and service delivery goals.