• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 12/18/2013

Additional £20 million to protect the Maya Bisophere  

In Guatemala, the Multi‐sector Roundtable has been able to influence the prioritisation, coordination, and supervision of investments in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, especially of Project PDPCRBM (IDB Loan 1820/OC‐GU for ₤20 million and ₤2.44 million GEF grant) and international cooperation.
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Key elements of context


  • Investments by governmental institutions, donors, private investors, and NGOs in the Maya Biosphere Reserve had historically not been coordinated, leading to disjoint and sometimes conflictive initiatives
  • Several loans had been executed previously between development banks and the Guatemalan Government with centrally driven, poorly consulted designs and weak implementation, and little or no positive impact on the Petén Department
  • At the beginning of the GTF programme, a ₤20 million loan was approved with the Interamerican Development Bank, matched with a ₤2.44 million GEF grant. Yet initial indicators pointed to the loan following the poor pattern of previous loans.
  • The Mirador‐Rio Azul Roundtable was established in 2006 as a space for dialogue and consensus building surrounding the conservation and development in the eastern Maya Biosphere Reserve