• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 12/18/2013

New regulations reduce illegal logging  

In the DRC evidence gathering and advocacy by Global Witness and partners has led to the cancellation of illegal logging permits and contributed to a 15‐fold reduction in the export of timber from illegal sources. Regulations have been amended to close some of the loopholes that were enabling abuses, and the authorities took steps to confiscate illegal timber.
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Key elements of context


  • Historically, companies have been able to do as they please, skirting laws and regulations in order to get access to the forest without proper consent, and with complete disregard for the social or environmental cost. After years of kleptocratic government and civil war, new rules are being written across the board in DRC, including a 2002 Forest Code and subsequent moratorium and review of all logging concessions. The new law represents the beginning of a new dawn that could provide for more inclusive forest management, including community forestry.
  • Ten years on from the imposition of the moratorium, neither the review process nor the legal reforms have been completed. The most recent report from the DRC’s official Independent Forest Monitor (IFM) says that “as well as revealing the deep dysfunction of legislative, executive and judicial power in recent years in the (forest) sector,” the failure to see these processes through “creates major legal voids opening the door to irregularities of all types and on a large scale.”