• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 9/12/2013

Greater Involvement of People Living with AIDS (GIPA) Country Assessment: Nigeria 

An advocacy tool designed to gather information on the level of application of the greater involvement of people living with HIV (GIPA) principle

The Greater involvement of People living with HIV and AIDS (GIPA) is a principle that “aims to realize the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV, including their right to self-­determination and participation in decision-­making processes that affect their lives...[to] enhance the quality and effectiveness of the AIDS response” (UNAIDS 2007). In addition to this, the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV can greatly enhance the quality of policies and interventions by incorporating their contributions which are informed by their experiences. Ill-­designed programmes may not just fail, they may be counterproductive, and in some instances can result insignificant harm.