• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 12/19/2013

Engaging Citizens against Corruption in Asia: Approaches, Results, and Lessons 

Representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) present at the workshop agreed on the following paradigms that will enable them to collectively advance and scale up their current anti-corruption efforts, achieving even better results and deepening the impact created over time. Based on peer-to-peer and peer-to-expert learning, rigorous self-evaluation, thoughtful strategizing and in-depth comparison of results, participants agreed to

Focus on the empowerment of citizens, including capacity building for concrete action and

a focus on training-of-trainers programs. It is important to introduce “easy-to-use” and context-

appropriate tools, to use existent networks and local partners when engaging with citizens.

Ensure careful country and context analysisbuilding on what is already there, keeping the

focus on both milestones and the overall aim, pursuing SMART goals in the process.

Establish and maintain constructive engagement with local authorities and other stakeholders

such as private businesses wherever suitable, creating networks and building coalitions

across organizations, levels and sectors.

Use traditional and established media as well as social and new media formats to sustain

anti-corruption efforts, assembling and mobilizing a critical mass of supporters and keeping

these citizens and other stakeholders informed on progress made at all times. Keeping the

issues alive may require relationship-building with media representatives and is essential to

maintaining public interest. Relationships can be strengthened and journalists empowered if

they are included in capacity building exercises and targeted sensitization efforts.

Create anti-corruption alliances that are meaningful in a given political economy context,

soliciting the assistance of prominent national or other well-known anti-corruption champions,

including administration leaders and politicians whenever possible.

Maintain exemplary standards of integrity and professionalism, including financial integrity

and reporting; Stick to the facts, and join credibility alliances whenever possible.