• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 4/14/2013

Consolidated Report CAC Programme 

This document shows a comparative picture of the 12 Citizens Against Corruption (CAC) projects in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Orissa in India based on the assessment of their performance at the end of the project period.
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The report is divided into seven sections, where section one provides the basic details about the 12 projects, the methodology adopted for assessing them as well as the time duration (period) under which this exercise was undertaken. Section two describes the relevance of the assessed projects in light of the current corruption scenario in the country. It highlights the significance of such initiatives where the participation of citizens is enhanced and promoted to facilitate more accountable and transparent delivery of services along with the sensitization of concerned government departments. In section three, the findings of the assessment with regard to project objectives and quality of project design is elaborated. It was observed that in most cases the quality of project design was satisfactory, except a few places where more clarity is required while elaborating corruption problems and designing/stating project objectives. The findings with regard to implementation performance are mentioned in section four. Most of the projects have been rated as above satisfactory and satisfactory under this category, with a few cases of less than satisfactory rating. It was observed that the projects in Kerala and Karnataka have relatively performed better than that of projects in Orissa in terms of implementation of project activities; however, they had their own limitations. Major issues or concerns with regard to implementation were the aspect of constructive engagement and community empowerment.