• Service: Advisory
  • Type: KPMG information
  • Date: 12/19/2013

"Citizens Against Corruption" Final Evaluation 

Citizens Against Corruption (CAC) is a programme of the Partnership for Transparency Fund that provides grants and technical assistance to civil society groups in developing/transition countries that are fighting corruption and promoting good governance in public services and institutions. PTF has considerable experience in this field and is increasingly regarded as a leader in social accountability. DFID’s Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) gave PTF a £2 million grant to enable it to provide 70+ new grants during 2008-12, ensure these partners achieve demonstrable reductions in corruption, and disseminate widely the lessons of their experience.
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PTF operates as a “virtual organisation” without permanent offices. Its personnel are very largely volunteers who are experienced development practitioners. One of its strengths is the muchvalued advice to partners offered free by this team. Another is that it is “demand-driven” in that it responds to proposals from CSOs, rather than designing projects and then seeking CSOs to implement them.


The Final Evaluation (FE) was conducted over a 6-month period and included interviews with PTF principals; field visits to Argentina, Ecuador, India, Mongolia, Uganda and Kenya to interview grantees and other stakeholders and to see the CAC work on the ground; a survey of grantees conducted by internet; a review of PTF and grantee documents (including a sample of project proposals, completion reports and evaluations); and meetings with PTF managers and advisors in Washington DC. The FE has been able to engage with over three-quarters of CAC grantees. The Evaluator also drew on his earlier Mid-Term Review of PTF’s GTF grant and has simultaneously conducted a review of PTF’s World Bank-funded programme (which uses exactly the same approach as PTF’s DFID-funded programme).