Learning and Development 

After years of studying and late nights cramming, the last words you would probably want to hear are ‘learning and development’. We like to think of learning and development as career advancement opportunities. In addition to gaining invaluable skills, in everything from client service to time management, our training programmes inevitably give you a boost up the career ladder.
We want to keep you in the KPMG family, which is why your personal and professional development is important to us. Training starts when you attend our trainee induction course and continues throughout your career.


You can expect to attend technical and industry-specific courses and a special programme designed to help you achieve professional and personal fulfilment. The programme is holistic in its approach and includes performance managers, mentors, continuous assessments and a global performance management system to assist you with setting personal goals, planning and conducting ongoing performance reviews.


Our initiatives to help you meet your goals

Dialogue is a global performance management system to help you set your personal goals, plan and conduct ongoing performance reviews and manage your career.


Our global competence framework defines the responsibilities and personal attributes of our people at different levels of seniority. This means that your skills are measured in line with international standards, keeping you globally marketable.


Performance managers provide regular advice and support to help you meet your career objectives.


Mentors will be there to support you throughout your career and will be a valuable source of information on your pathway to success.


Continuous assessments will help to ensure that your personal progress during your graduate programme is on track. Your performance partner will meet with you every six months to discuss and assess your on-the-job performance.


Our approach means that we don’t just grow well balanced professionals - we build KPMG people for life.



Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals