KPMG Graduate Recruitment Timetable 2016 



Aptitude tests
An opportunity to showcase your intellectual capacity by excelling in our aptitude tests. This is the first formal interview towards joining KPMG. If you have been shortlisted for aptitude tests, please bring your National ID / Passport as a form of the verification process
Week 3-4:
May 2016
Assessment Centre
Assess your competencies, strengths and capabilities in a team environment
Week 3:
June 2016
Manager interviews
Interact with Managers and other Senior people in the firm in a formal environment, and take the opportunity to learn more about the firm and how your role fits into the big picture
Week 3-4:
June 2016
Partner Interviews
This is the crowning moment; people who will have succeeded
to this level are top talent by their own right and possess the
capabilities to excel in corporate Kenya. At Partner interview,
you will get to ask the partners all the burning questions you
might have about KPMG and what it takes to
make a Partner
Week 3-4:
July 2016
Offer to Successful Candidates
Welcome to KPMG!
Week 1:
August 2016
Get to learn more about KPMG and how you will fit into the firm
Week 4: September 2016

Commencement of work

Week 1:
October 2016


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Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals