1) How do I apply for the KPMG Graduate Recruitment Programme?
We welcome all 2016 graduating students to apply by completing an online application form to be found on our website www.kpmg.com/eastafrica or on Facebook- ‘KPMGKenya’.


2) What if I have not graduated?
The Graduate Recruitment program calls for all the students who shall have completed their studies by August, in the year and what this means is you shall graduate after you have already joined KPMG.   

3) What if I do not know my final grade?
Candidates are not required to possess a professional qualification to be eligible for the Graduate Recruitment Programme. Upon joining the firm, the candidates will be supported to gain their professional qualification where required.

4) What if I am studying at a University outside of Kenya?
KPMG gives equal opportunity to graduating students from all universities.

5) What if I do not have any professional qualification?
Whereas professional qualifications give you an added advantage, it is not a requirement for you to have them at the outset. Once you have joined KPMG, you shall become eligible for sponsorship to attain the requisite professional qualifications.

6) How shall I know the progress made with my application?
The HR team shall be contacting applicants at each stages to provide direction, via email or phone calls.

7) What if I have missed the deadline for applying?
Unfortunately, no applications will be considered after the deadline.


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Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals