Compensation & Benefits Survey 

Following the successful completion of KPMG’s Compensation and Benefits Survey in 2008, 2009 and 2011, KPMG’s People & Change Advisory Services department announces the launch of the 2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Survey.
Aiming to provide you with valuable and significant information which will enable you to build a competitive advantage in the labor market, the main objectives of this Year’s Survey are to:

  • Present the common policies, practices and strategies of Compensation and Benefit implemented by a representative sample of Companies operating within the Cyprus Market
  • Present Remuneration and Benefits Data of 180 generic and industry-specialized positions
  • Present the impact of the economic crisis on Remuneration and Benefits Data.

Our Objectives and Methodology, along with the list of positions which shall be covered in the 2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Survey can be found in the following presentation:

2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Survey (702 KB).pdf

The success of our Survey depends on the quality of the companies comprising the sample of this survey hence we would be honored to have your Company as one of the participants of this Survey, by providing us with all required information.

With our joined effort, we can provide you with a valuable TOOL which will assist you in building a competitive advantage.


The companies wishing to participate, should kindly complete the below Registration Form and return it to us either via fax (22209304) or via email to Elli Foulli  or Marios Papalazarou

Registration Form

In order to be able to participate in the 2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Survey please complete the Registration form (50 KB).pdf