2014 Compensation & Benefits Survey 

KPMG in Cyprus is pleased to announce the completion of 2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Survey Report.
The 2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Report presents compensation and benefits policies and data of 90 prominent companies. The compensation information refers to 104 generic positions and presents compensation data for 6522 professionals. The excellent quality of the Survey’s sample and the excellent fieldwork methodology reinforce once again the survey’s status as the best known and most comprehensive survey in Cyprus.

We feel confident that the specific Report shall become one of the most valuable tools for the formulation of a company’s compensation and benefits strategy.


The companies wishing to purchase the Survey or receive further information and/or clarifications, may contact: Elli Foulli  at: +357 22209018 or Marios Papalazarou at: +357 22209107