This section is dedicated to special topics and initiatives undertaken by KPMG Cyprus.

KPMG Academy

KPMG Academy, has been developed as a separate line of service to utilize our professional and academic expertise and turn this knowledge into value for the benefit of the society in general.


Browse our ‘Careers’ section to determine available vacancies listings through KPMG on behalf of our Clients. Should there be an available vacancy that you believe would be of interest to you/match your background education and experience, then do not hesitate to fill in the corresponding application form (linked at the bottom of the position page) and send us your CV.

Compensation & Benefits Survey

The 2014 KPMG Compensation and Benefits Report presents compensation and benefits policies and data of 90 prominent companies. The compensation information refers to 104 generic positions and presents compensation data for 6522 professionals.

KPMG Startups

KPMG Startups has been established to form a reliable and solid base which will assist in the development of new business ideas in Cyprus.