Tax Services to the Real Estate Industry 

KPMG in Cyprus has a specific group of tax professionals dedicated to providing tax services to the real estate industry. Our Real Estate Team has extensive knowledge and understanding of real estate assets, markets and operations relevant to real estate issues and can help you to tackle them regardless of whether these are Cyprus' or international taxation issues.
How we can help you:

Quality is the main driver for our services. We offer a full range of value-added services aimed at helping our clients to achieve their business objectives.

By working with clients to clearly understand their needs, to help find the proper approach and identify potential, our Real Estate Team is able to provide support in the following property related areas:

  • tax planning for the acquisition of real estate
  • tax planning for offshore construction projects
  • tax due diligence
  • post acquisition restructuring tax review of real estate companies
  • timing recognition of income and expenditure for tax purposes
  • allocation of costs to the initial value of investments
  • separation of assets after the completion of an investment process in order to supplement depreciation
  • tax implications of real estate financing
  • deductibility of financing costs
  • maximizing amount and timing of tax depreciation
  • tax classification of incentives granted to lessees by landlords
  • advice on VAT deductibility during the investment process
  • application of VAT rates and exemptions to the disposal of property
  • reducing VAT costs and increasing VAT recovery
  • reducing property taxes
  • tax recognition of revenues and costs in long-term construction projects
  • analysis of sale and purchase agreements relating to real estate and rental/leasing agreements from the tax perspective
  • reducing taxation liabilities on disposals
  • tax efficient repatriation of profits.

Tax Contacts

George V. Markides
Head of Tax

+357 22209297

Fax:+357 22672926