Transactions & Restructuring 

Undoubtedly the intensified economic recession has driven to a sharp decline in sales, limited access to financing, and major hesitation over which businesses will manage to continue their operations as a going concern.
For those businesses that have expansion plans, the outlook is dim. At a time where leverage is increasing and, liquidity and low funding costs that used to fuel growth may have stopped, there exist investors that are still demanding growth in shareholder value. Meanwhile, investors such as private equity and sovereign wealth funds are eager to take advantage of depressed asset prices. Now it is time to prepare your organization to operate at full speed when the economy recovers.

KPMG in Cyprus' Transactions and Restructuring Advisory Services team stands out in the current unstable economical environment for being focused on continually enhancing value for clients across the deal and economic cycle.

Our team comprises of experienced specialists capable of helping clients to resume their financial position, seize growth opportunities and generally support the company’s business strategy and financial administration. From underperforming businesses, to those in distress, KPMG’s restructuring professionals work alongside management, stakeholders and lenders to help turn your business around and being able to survive in difficult circumstances and make it a winner.

As financial advisors we take hands-on approach in providing advice regarding financial transaction services to companies, corporations, financial institutions and governments. We assist and advice clients to successfully complete transactions such as acquisitions, joint ventures, disposals, real estate deals, IPOs, etc.

Our experience across the deal cycle gives us unique access to what is happening right in the heart of the key sectors. KPMG’s core values enable us to be better advisors and deliver greater value.

We provide a wide range of advisory services, which are tailored to your needs. Our principal advisory lines are:

Advisory Contacts

Christos V. Vasiliou
Board Member, Head of Advisory

+357 22209113

Fax: +357 22675076

Christophoros P.Anayiotos
Board Member, Advisory Services

+357 22209292

Fax: +357 22207695


Valuation Services

Companies seek valuations (PDF, 553 KB) for strategic decisions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or because management wants to understand value better so it can make optimal decisions.