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Economics Weekly Alert Ν.150

Αξιολόγηση Προγράμματος – Μη εξυπηρετούμενα δάνεια
Modified date: 22/05/2015
Regulatory update

Bringing Cyprus and South Africa Together

Maria Zavrou, Cyprus-South Africa together, Cyprus-South Africa Business Association
Modified date: 22/05/2015
Event; White paper

Amendments to the Cyprus private yachts regime

Tax Department,Circular 191, informing enterprises of a specific amendment made
Modified date: 21/05/2015
Regulatory update; White paper

Flat Annual Fee for Companies Registered at the Cyprus Companies House

All companies registered under the Registrar of Companies are liable to pay the 2015 annual fee up to 30th June 2015
Modified date: 19/05/2015
White paper

CIFA agreement will strengthen investment funds sector

Cyprus Investment Fund Association, strategic cooperation with law firm King & Wood Mallesons
Modified date: 18/05/2015
White paper

KPMG Startup Developments - Issue 05/2015

KPMG Startups Cy news, Startup Headlines, Hot topics and trends, Past and Upcoming Local Startup Events
Modified date: 18/05/2015
White paper

Economics Weekly Alert N.149

Θετικός Ρυθμός Ανάπτυξης, ανεργία, Εκποιήσεις, Αφίξεις τουριστών
Modified date: 15/05/2015
Regulatory update

Cyprus Economy Update - May 2015

The Cypriot economy has recorded growth, for the first time since the second quarter of 2011
Modified date: 14/05/2015
White paper

Economics Weekly Alert N.148

επιτόκια, άδειες οικοδομής, δημοσιονομικό ισοζύγιο, εγγραφές εταιρειών,δείκτη τιμών καταναλωτή, ανεργία, εμπόριο, ακάλυπτες επιταγές
Modified date: 08/05/2015
Regulatory update

Loan Sales May Facilitate NPL Reduction

Loan sales may assist the effort to reduce Cyprus inordinately high levels of Non-Performing Loans
Modified date: 05/05/2015
White paper
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