In a fast evolving global market, with intense competition, developing deep industry expertise is fundamental for KPMG. Companies have complex and fast changing needs and clients expect their professional advisers to have deep knowledge of the industries in which they operate. At KPMG we believe that we can add more value if we truly understand the industries in which our clients operate.
We have aligned our services along industry and markets needs. This enables us to develop an intensive understanding of different industries to provide our clients with an informed view on the specific issues they face and the ability to provide a tailored service response.

Our industry-focused network is designed to anticipate and address our client needs. We possess extensive hands-on experience in various industries, which, combined with KPMG's global reach, the skills and talents of our people and some of the latest in knowledge-sharing tools and communications, constitutes a competitive advantage. This advantage offers our teams the possibility to provide industry-specific services that can add real value and top quality service to our clients.