Corporate Social Responsibility 

Commitment to our communities is fundamental to our values. The Corporate Social Responsibility agenda is to inspire, challenge and empower our people to make a positive contribution to local communities. This means we strongly believe in behaving ethically, safeguarding the environment and building positive links with the communities around us.
These are the four areas we focus on:

Through KPMG’s Global Green Initiative (GGI), which has the ambition of reducing our global carbon footprint by 25% by 2010, we are investing in responsible energy use, educating and supporting our people in making sustainable decisions and adopt responsible consumption practices at work and at home.

Social Inclusion
We commit to connect with the most disadvantaged in our community and provide services and support to change the contemporary circumstances and habits that lead to social disadvantages.

We believe in the importance of education, and the right for all young people, to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Therefore, we invest in skills that support enterprise and community cohesion.

We believe we have a responsibility to support, care for and protect people with physical and mental health needs. Our aim is to deliver means that help protect vulnerable people –and to address these issues.