Tax Dispute Resolution 

China has one of the most difficult and challenging tax environments in the world. Mounting pressure for the local tax authorities to generate fiscal revenue has resulted in more tax investigations and larger adjustments, which also increase the exposure for penalties and interest for taxpayers. Furthermore, businesses experienced continued tax uncertainty and unpredictability due to the constant tax regulatory changes in China.

As a result, it is imperative to be proactive with potential tax controversies and to be ready to respond to a local tax investigation. You need to ensure that appropriate strategies for response and compliance are in order to take control of the dispute resolution process.

KPMG China has tax specialists to support you in virtually every area of tax dispute and enhance your ability to take control of the dispute resolution process. We combine deep technical knowledge, understanding of local practices, strong relationships with government officials, effective tax negotiation skills and a global perspective to provide you with top-quality services.  

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