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Hong Kong Tax alert
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Since the enactment of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in March 2010, the IRS issued several rounds of preliminary guidance prior to the release of proposed regulations on February 8, 2012. KPMG has prepared an analysis that examines these provisions.


The Treasury Department and IRS released for publication in the Federal Register proposed regulations (REG-121647-10) as guidance concerning information reporting by foreign financial institutions for U.S. accounts.


The IRS released an advance copy of Notice 2011-53 which provides a timeline for the implementation of information reporting and withholding provisions under chapter 4 of the Code (referred to as "FATCA").



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Andrew Weir
KPMG China wins 2012 Tax Service Provider of the Year

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Tax views: 2013 Asia Pacific Tax Summit

Tax views: 2013 Asia Pacific Tax Summit
As West looks to East, KPMG’s leaders consider how companies can ‘win’ in New Asia as well as some of the challenges in  this diverse and growing area of the world.

KPMG Green Tax Index

KPMG Green Tax Index
KPMG has created the KPMG Green Tax Index to increase awareness of the complex, fragmented and rapidly evolving green tax landscape worldwide.