Other Forms of Assurance and Attestation Services 

Other Forms of Assurance and Attestation Services


Beyond audit, we can tailor a multitude of other forms of assurance services to our clients’ regulatory or management needs. A number of companies have realised that financial reports alone do not adequately communicate their value, performance or business risks.


Other Forms of Assurance and Attestation Services

Many organisations disclose the non-financial information that they use to make decisions. KPMG China can provide assurance on such information to enhance the reliability and credibility of disclosed key performance indicators (KPIs) (including environmental and sustainability KPIs), compliance with regulations, and the status of systems of internal control. 


In this way, KPMG China helps companies find new ways to enhance their reputations and information users’ confidence, build and maintain trust with their stakeholders, improve their corporate performance, and ultimately increase their value.

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