Financial Modelling Services 

KPMG China’s Modelling group is committed to providing clients with greater insight into their financial and operational decision-making process. Timely and relevant information can really support you in making the right business decisions.


Throughout the life of a business, various strategies or options are considered before decisions are being made. Whether it is evaluating new business ventures, proposed transactions or financial and operational strategies, a robust and dynamic financial model is an integral component to the decision-making process.


Financial modelling typically assists the decision-making process for:


  • Asset valuation
  • Budgeting and reporting
  • Business planning
  • Business valuation
  • Capital restructuring
  • Merger and acquisition
  • Pricing analysis
  • Project financing
  • Synergies quantification
  • Tax planning
  • Tender evaluation
  • Working capital management


Whether you are using the financial model to inform business decisions internally or to provide regular reporting to external stakeholders, our dedicated Modelling group can help you with your modelling needs.



Our financial modelling services can broadly be classified as:


Model development: Employing leading modelling techniques combined with our wide industry and sector experience, we will work with you to develop custom made models that are suitable for your purposes. These custom made models are developed with structures that allow for the incorporation and testing of key risks and uncertainties and contain scenario, sensitivity and simulation features.


Accompanying these models are supporting documentations in the form of an assumptions book. We are also able to provide training, to the users of the models or on general modelling techniques.


Model review: We can also perform review and testing on financial models before you are committed to the results. We have a developed and proven methodology for financial model reviews with a focus on team working and collaborative solution to problems. We will work closely with your staff to ensure that the optimal benefit is derived from our work.


For a model review engagement, we can offer to undertake checks on whether the:

  • logical integrity, internal consistency and arithmetic accuracy of the formulae, algorithms and calculations contained within the financial model are correct
  • assumptions and input data contained in the financial model have been accurately extracted from the stipulated source documents provided to us
  • tax and accounting treatments recommended by external advisors are accurately reflected in the financial model

Modelling resource secondments: We are also able to provide financial modelling professionals, on a short-term secondment basis, to fill your staffing and modelling needs.