Business Performance Services 

Our Business Performance Services (BPS) practice provides services to a wide range of industry sectors that are experiencing common opportunities and challenges caused by such diverse factors as increasing requirements on financial reporting standards, increasing competition and the drive for efficiency.

The increasing need to focus capital and resources on meeting regulatory and compliance requirements has often meant that there is little time to devote to internally improve processes, competitiveness and margins. Very often, the need to devote time and money to meet mandatory compliance requirements has meant that investments in initiatives to improve business performance have been postponed or cancelled.

However, if you are not continuously improving your internal processes and performance, then this may potentially inhibit your ability to compete, grow and strengthen over the long tem.

KPMG studies, along with our experience with clients around the world, consistently show that successful business outcomes are only achieved through effective strategic planning, continuously striving for operational excellence, managing risks, and balancing compliance with effectiveness.

Helping you to excel
At KPMG we understand the need to balance improving business efficiency and returns with meeting compliance requirements. When planning for compliance driven changes in particular it may be an ideal opportunity for you to improve your organisation's performance within a single change initiative, rather than postponing improvement initiatives.

Within the BPS practice, we focus on helping you improve the performance of your organisation by helping you enhance operational effectiveness and realign processes, structures, controls and functions with your business objectives. Our methodologies and experience allow us to help you address issues at the enterprise, business unit or functional division or department levels.

KPMG are advisors to some of the world's most successful organisations and we are able to leverage local knowledge and global experience. Many of our advisory clients have conferred us with "preferred advisor" status, giving an indication of the strong confidence in our ability to help them. Our locally based advisors in Hong Kong and China understand the local environment and the challenges that exist for both local and multi-national organisations.

Within Hong Kong we have assisted our local and multi-national clients to:

Reduce costs

Improve margins and bottom line profit
Streamline and simplify processes
Increase management's responsiveness to their changing business environment
Manage business risks

We want to do the same for you.

Business performance

The foundation of our advice is based on understanding your business objectives and helping your management to develop streamlined and efficient business processes that are fully aligned with your objectives. We also believe that performance improvement doesn't stop after you have initially established efficient and cost effective processes. To maintain your leadership position, we can also help you to establish an effective performance measurement framework that enables you to monitor and continuously improve your performance. Our services are most useful when your business and management are at their most vulnerable, during significant business changes and initiatives to improve business performance.

Business change
Business change requires effective change management - regardless of the scope of the change - and often the only viable option is successful implementation the first time. Even for experienced leaders, managing significant business changes can place you in unfamiliar territory. KPMG understands the challenges inherent in managing change and our experienced professionals, supported by solid methodologies, can provide the guidance and support you need to help you manage the risks inherent when change occurs. This is particularly important when significant changes such as post merger integration, outsourcing or shared services implementations occur.

Performance improvement
You probably already know whether certain functions within your organisations are not meeting your performance expectations. It is also likely that you have already identified issues that you want to address, such as increasing costs, high head counts, slow execution of 'routine' activities, falling competitiveness, reduced customer loyalty or a lack of detailed information to support your decision making.

Knowing what needs to be changed and how to make the right changes is often more complicated than many managers anticipate or have the time to address. KPMG BPS can help you to drive improvement through the organisation, reduce the burden upon your management and employees and will bring experience and methods with a risk balanced approach.

The KPMG advantage

We understand that efforts to change your business activities and processes are often inherently complicated and that specific expertise and experience is required to help make the effort a success. We also recognise that no two organisations are the same - regardless of the similarity of services, products or industry. That's why your KPMG team is composed of advisors with experience in making the changes that you want to make, in companies like yours within your industry. The right people with the right skills and experience means that we know where the pitfalls, risks and opportunities lie in making the changes that your want to make.

For every change initiative, our professional advisors are backed by our advisory methodologies. These structured approaches have been developed, tested and refined based upon the combined experience of many thousands of advisory engagements performed by KPMG around the world.

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