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Quarterly Business Update
The Changing Face of Commerce
COO Agenda
Corporate Treasury Update
Advisory Agenda
China Executive Insight
Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory


Robotic Revolution - separating hype from reality
China Shared Services Survey Results Q2 2015
Shanghai SSOA Roundtable Discussion - December 5th, 2014
Shanghai SSOA Roundtable Discussion - March 13th, 2015
2014 China Shared Services Survey - Year End Summary Results
Guangzhou SSOA Roundtable Discussion
China 360
Insights SSOA Summit
Hong Kong Edge Magazine - Issue 6, December 2013
Inside the Dragon 2013: Outsourcing Destinations in China
Quarterly Business Update: Shared Services and Outsourcing
Quarterly Business Update: Shared Services and Outsourcing
Insights from the KPMG China Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit 2012
Driving Strategic Value: China Shared Services and Outsourcing in the Extended Global Enterprise
Quarterly Business Update: Shared Services and Outsourcing
KPMG 2nd Annual China Shared Service Summit 2011
Insights from the Second KPMG China Shared Services Summit
Shared Services in China: Coming of age
Offshoring and Outsourcing in Chengdu 2010
Business Transformation Within - Insights from KPMG's Shared Services Summit
Aligning growth with talent - Insights from KPMG China's 2010 Outsourcing Summit
KPMG Pulse Survey: Shared Services and Outsourcing in China
Inside the Dragon: Outsourcing destinations in China
A New Dawn - China's Emerging Role in Global Outsourcing
Sourcing Advisory Services
Asian outsourcing: the next wave
Business Performance Services


The View from the Top – CEOs see a powerful future for CFOs. Are CFOs ready for the challenge?
Being the best: Inside the finance function - China insights from our latest global CFO research
Harnessing the power of procurement
Creating Value Using Centralized Trading Centers: A practical guide to setting up a CTC
FUTUREBUY: Delivering Procurement Value in a Complex World
High Impact Procurement Operating Models: A Survey of Global CPOs
The Power of Procurement
Procurement Reporting Alignment
Global Manufacturing Outlook - Relationships, Risk and Reach
An Achievable Quest: High Performing Public Sector Organizations
Business Performance Services
Cost Reduction - Protecting your margins in a turbulent economic environment
Cost Reduction - Balancing fiscal and public responsibility in a turbulent economic environment
Finance of the Future - Looking forward to 2020
Cost optimisation - Protecting your margins in a turbulent economic environment
IT Advisory


Hong Kong Vibes Magazine
Trends in biometrics – Are you ready to manage cybersecurity and privacy risks?
Managing cybersecurity risk in the electronic trading business
The Pulse of Fintech, 2015 in Review
Be a smarter start-up
Security and the IoT ecosystem
Fintech 100 Leading Global Innovators 2015
Connecting the dots: A proactive approach to cybersecurity oversight in the boardroom
Technology business management: Suggestions to help optimise your IT spend and demonstrate IT value
Evolving Banking Regulation 2015 - Part Three:Data and technology
China's Connected Consumers - When 10,000 Chinese shop... Insights from a 2015 survey
HKMA Cybersecurity Risk Management Circular 2015
Internet Banking Updates - The New Electronic Banking and Cybersecurity Requirements
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series – Deepak Madnani
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series – KPMG
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series – Arthur Law
Hong Kong Vibes
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series – Theodore Ma and Roland Yau
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series – Hilary Szymujko
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series - Paul Lee
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series - Stefan Rust
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series - Napoleon Biggs
KPMG Entrepreneur and Innovation Series - Gene Soo
Making Hong Kong a FinTech Centre: Innovating business in Asia
Making IT work to your advantage
Business Resilience & Incident Response – Are You Ready?
Cyber Security and the Impact on Banks in China
A single view: putting customers at the heart of your D&A strategy
Compliance with the Deposit Protection Board's Information System Guideline
The SFC – Senior Management’s Responsibilities to Mitigate Cyber Security Risks
PCPD Guidance Note 2014 – Proper Handling of Customers' Personal Data for the Banking Industry
HKMA’s Customer Data Protection Requirements – 2014 Updates
IT Regulatory Compliance – What’s the next ‘Big Thing’ ?
Cyber security: The five most common mistakes
Data Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Data from Enemy Lines
Transforming for growth: Consumer business in the digital age - Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2014
Creating Value Using Centralized Trading Centers: A practical guide to setting up a CTC
China’s Connected Consumers
KPMG Executive Briefing | The Mainland Tourist - a consumer explosion
Security in the Cyber Age
The China cloud takes shape - Global cloud survey: the implementation challenge and its impact on China
Information Governance – The Growing Complexity
Defining and executing a payments transformation strategy
IT in Hangzhou: People-driven innovation – Invest in Hangzhou: Information Technology Industry(2012)
Overcoming legacy: How to leverage the Cloud in China’s changing payments environment
Exploring the Cloud
Sharpening Up for Success - GAAP Conversion and ERP System Compliance Tools - Introduction of KECCI
Using Group ERP / Accounting System in China - General Ledger Interface Solution
Gaining value from software in China
China Investment Forum 2010 slides
Dynamic Technologies for Smarter Government
Exploring Global Frontiers - The New Emerging Destinations
IT Advisory
Location, location, location.
Emerging Destinations for Indian IT / ITES Industry
Business resilience in China - A KPMG China study
Managing IT through market turbulence
ERP / Accounting System Regulatory Compliance Advisory
IT Project Advisory Services
Building confidence through attestation
IS Governance Services
IT Diligence Services
IT Internal Audit Services
Knowledge Process Outsourcing
The Morning After - Driving for post deal success
Global IT Project Management Survey
Creating Stakeholder Value in the Information Age
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