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China and Hong Kong Publications


KPMG China: Informed perspectives, clear results
China Outlook 2016
Proposed application of VAT to the healthcare sector in China
KPMG China corporate video
China Inbound Investing in U.S. Real Estate
China Inbound Investing in U.S. Real Estate
Proposals to revise offshore fund and REIT rules:Hong kong Financial Services Development Council recommendations
Hangzhou: a biomedical industry base driven by innovation – Invest in Hangzhou: Biomedical Industry(2013)
Welcome to Hangzhou: a leading vacation destination – Invest in Hangzhou: Tourism and leisure (2013)
Healthcare & life sciences in China – Towards growing collaboration
Real Estate Funds: Hong Kong Budget 2013-14: Offshore Funds Exemption
Infrastructure in China: Sustaining quality growth
VAT reforms for the construction and real estate sectors
The Future for MNCs in China: A KPMG China Study
Water in China - Key themes and developments in the water sector
Asia Pacific Publications


The View from the Top – CEOs see a powerful future for CFOs. Are CFOs ready for the challenge?
INSIGHT: Population
Building for prosperity - Exploring the prospects for Public Private Partnerships in Asia Pacific
A guide to airports in Asia Pacific
Real Estate Investment in Asia Pacific: Migrating capital
Now Boarding - Indian Airports 2006
Global Publications


Collaboration - The future of innovation for the medical device industry
Global Manufacturing Outlook 2015: Preparing for battle - Manufacturers get ready for transformation
Insights on Real Estate Investment Trusts: A global overview of the REIT regimes
INFRASTRUCTURE 100 – World Markets Report
Asian Real SnapShot! – Issue 3, October 2014
INSIGHT: Population
Taxation of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Shot! – Issue 2, November 2013
Future State 2030
The more I know, the less I sleep: Global perspectives on clinical governance
Global construction survey 2013: Ready for the next big wave?
Insight magazine - the global infrastructure magazine (Issue 5, 2013) - Resilience
An uncertain age: Reimagining long term care in the 21st century
Asian Real SnapShot! – Spring 2013
INSIGHT: Megaprojects
Walking the fiscal tightrope: a framework for fiscal sustainability in government
Infrastructure 100: World Cities Edition
Care in a changing world: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable healthcare
Cities Infrastructure: A Report On Sustainability
M&A Outlook Transport and Logistics
On the Road
INSIGHT: Infrastructure investment - Bridging the gap
Exploring the Cloud
New on the Horizon: Revenue recognition for real estate investment and development
The great global infrastructure opportunity - Global Construction Survey 2012
Going Social
Shipping Insights - Keeping ahead
New on the Horizon: Revenue recognition for building and construction
INSIGHT: Urbanization
Taking the Pulse: A global study of mergers and acquisitions in Healthcare
Delivering Water Infrastructure Using Private Finance
Construction Risk in New Nuclear Power Projects - Eyes Wide Open
IFRS Practice Issues: Leases of land
Adapting to an uncertain environment - Global Construction Survey 2010
INSIGHT - November 2010
The future of global healthcare delivery and management
Shipping insights: Thriving in a changing world
Meeting the Deficit Challenge: Strategies for Fiscal Sustainability
Dynamic Technologies for Smarter Government
A Closer Look: Attaining Accountability in the Development Sector
New on the Horizon: Revenue recognition for building and construction
The Wolf is at the Door: The Global Economic Crisis and the Public Sector
Infrastructure 100 - A showcase of the most interesting infrastructure projects from around the world
Rail at high speed - Doing large deals in a challenging environment
A Better Pill to Swallow - A global view of what works in Healthcare
IFRS Practice Issues: Investment property under construction
Success and failure in urban transport infrastructure projects
Tough Choices Ahead: The Future of the Public Sector
Project Finance and Capital Markets - Bridging the Divide
Shipping insights - Insights arising from the economic downturn
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