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China and Hong Kong Publications


KPMG China: Informed perspectives, clear results
Green Bonds - The Process
China Outlook 2016
KPMG China corporate video
Globalization of China’s New Energy Enterprises (Chinese)
China’s chemical industry:The emergence of local champions
Changsha: Gateway to Inland China
New energy: leading the way in Hangzhou’s green economy – Invest in Hangzhou: New Energy (2013)
Raising the bar: manufacturing smart  equipment – Invest in Hangzhou: Modern equipment manufacturing (2013)
An emerging centre for the green economy – Invest in Hangzhou: Energy conservation and environment protection(2012)
China’s chemical industry enters a new era with sustainability
Foreign investment in industrial design: Changing growth paradigms open up new windows of opportunity
China Automotive Market
The Future for MNCs in China: A KPMG China Study
Case study: Assisting a foreign company in improving and expanding its business in China
Case study: Assisting a Chinese client in developing its global business through overseas acquisition
China's 12th Five-Year Plan: Chemicals
China's Chemical Industry: The new forces driving change
A green economy on the cutting edge of technology – Invest Hangzhou: Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Industry
KPMG Webcast Replay: China's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015)
China's pharmaceutical industry – Poised for the giant leap
China's 12th Five-Year Plan: Iron and Steel
China's 12th Five-Year Plan: Energy
China Investment Forum 2010 slides
A vision for sustainable growth: The new factors driving growth in China's chemicals sector
China's grid: Keeping pace with a transforming economy
Gear change ahead: The future of China's auto dealership market
Think BRIC! - China
China's Iron and Steel Industry amid the Financial Crisis
Chemicals in China: Responding to new challenges
Momentum: China's automotive components sector emerging from the crisis
China's Energy Sector: A clearer view
Momentum: The development of alternative fuels in China's automotive sector
Momentum: A new set of challenges for China's automotive industry
Industrial Markets
Momentum: Driving forces in China's car market
Alternative energies in China: Which way will the wind blow?
Automotive Dealerships in China: Accelerating Performance
Specialty Chemicals in China: Catalysts for Growth
Digging for Gold: Trends and challenges in China's mining equipment industry
New Policies on Processing Trade and their implications
Delivering resources projects
Going for gold: China as a global mining player
China's passenger car market
China Commerical Vehicles Market 2006
Chemicals in China: The next decade
Energy outlook for China 2006
China automotive and components market 2005
Petrochemical and plastics industry outlook for China
China automotive and components market February 2005 update
China: Land of opportunity for medical equipment suppliers?
China's automotive and components market 2004
China's new automotive policy
China automotive and components market update (May 2004)
China Machine Tools Market (February 2004)
Global Publications


Sustainable Insight: Gearing up for Green Bonds
Applying artificial intelligence to insurance data
Global Manufacturing Outlook 2015: Preparing for battle - Manufacturers get ready for transformation
KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2015: Who is fit and ready to harvest?
Sustainable Insight - The Essentials of Materiality Assessment
Global Manufacturing Outlook 2014: Performance in the crosshairs
Taxes and Incentives for Renewable Energy 2013
Global Manufacturing Outlook 2013: Competitive advantage
Walking the fiscal tightrope: a framework for fiscal sustainability in government
KPMG's Global Automotvie Executive Survey 2013
Commodity trading companies – Centralizing trade as a critical success factor
Global automotive finance and leasing: The role of product diversification and emerging markets in future growth
Self-driving cars: The next revolution
Taxes and incentives for renewable energy - 2012
Global Manufacturing Outlook: Fostering Growth through Innovation
New on the horizon: Revenue recognition for Aerospace and Defense companies
Impact on mining companies - Changes to joint venture accounting
Impact of IFRS: Mining
Global Automotive Executive Survey 2012 - Managing growth while navigating uncharted routes
Going Social
The Application of IFRS: Chemicals and Performance Technologies companies - Executive summary
Global Manufacturing Outlook: Growth while Managing Volatility
Impact on Oil and Gas Companies
Impact of IFRS: Oil and Gas
Impact of IFRS: Power and Utilities
Taxes and Incentives for Renewable Energy – 2011
KPMG's Global Automotive Executive Survey 2011 - Creating a future roadmap for the automotive industry
Impact of IFRS: Automotive
Global Manufacturing Outlook - Relationships, Risk and Reach
New on the Horizon: Production stripping costs
Steel Sector Outlook - Expectations for the industry in today's economic context
New on the Horizon: Decommissioning in the extractive industries
The Transformation of the Automotive Industry: The Environmental Regulation Effect
Global M&A: Outlook for Metals
KPMG's Global Auto Executive Survey 2010 - Industry Concerns and Expectations to 2014
Business Outlook Survey
The Industrial Perspective: Controlling Inventory Liabilities for Diversified Industrials
The Application of IFRS: Mining
Global Dealership Survey - The future of automotive retail
Reaction - KPMG's views on supply chain management and tax efficiency in a challenging environment
A rough road - financial crisis and the automotive industry
New Markets - Cost, insight and opportunity
M&A Challenges Particular to the Chemical Industry

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