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China and Hong Kong Publications


BCBS Consultation on the Standardised Measurement Approach for operational risk
Automatic Exchange of Information – The Common Reporting Standard
KPMG China: Informed perspectives, clear results
The Pulse of Fintech, 2015 in Review
China Outlook 2016
2015 China Trust Survey
Hong Kong Banking Outlook 2016: Our views on the year ahead
KPMG China corporate video
China’s banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics in 2015 Q3
Vision 2020: The Future of Hong Kong’s Fund Management Industry
Mainland China Securities Survey 2015
Consultation Paper Conclusions
China’s banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics in 2015 Q2
Internet Banking Updates - The New Electronic Banking and Cybersecurity Requirements
From private to public
Managing challenges in automated trading services - Regulatory updates and control framework
Hong Kong Banking Survey 2015
Mainland China Banking Survey 2015
China’s banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics in 2015 Q1
HKMA’s Tax Evasion Guidance Paper – 2015 Updates
Does your business need a check-up?
Making IT work to your advantage
Leveraging your customer data
Optimise your distribution channels
How to drive value through your target operating model
Generate value from Finance
China banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics – Quarter 4 2014
Business Resilience & Incident Response – Are You Ready?
Cyber Security and the Impact on Banks in China
China Outlook 2015
Update on Hong Kong OTC Derivative Reforms
A single view: putting customers at the heart of your D&A strategy
China’s banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics in 2014 Q3
Major Hong Kong Banks – Half-year Results 2014
Mainland China Banking Survey 2014
China’s banking sector: Performance of listed banks and hot topics Q2
Hong Kong Banking Survey 2014
Interpreting New Interbank Regulations
Spotlight on Hong Kong’s private banking sector
Mainland China Securities Survey 2014
China’s banking sector: Hot topics and performance of listed banks in 2014 Q1
China’s banking sector: Hot topics and performance of listed banks in 2013
Mainland China Banking Survey 2013
Proposals to apply VAT to the financial services sector in China
Hong Kong Banking Survey 2013
Mainland China Securities Survey 2013
Hong Kong Trust Industry - A Cross-Sector Perspective
Real Estate Funds: Hong Kong Budget 2013-14: Offshore Funds Exemption
What we took from Sibos
Mainland China Securities Survey 2012
Technology carries the weight of regulation
The data blows the whistle: Using analytics to reduce fraud in China’s payments ecosystem
The Internationalisation of the Renminbi
Acquiring a Slice of China’s Payments Ecosystem
A financial service centre booming with opportunity – Invest in Hangzhou: Financial Service Industry(2012)
Mainland China Banking Survey 2012
Building future-proof operating models in wholesale transaction banking
Hong Kong - Asia’s Global Market: A Destination for International Listings
Hong Kong Banking Survey 2012
Overcoming legacy: How to leverage the Cloud in China’s changing payments environment
Turning innovation into revenue in China’s payments
Mainland China Trust Survey 2012
The Future for MNCs in China: A KPMG China Study
FATCA - Recently Released Guidance Accelerates Focus on Business Impacts
Mainland China Securities Survey 2011
Hong Kong Banking Survey 2011
New Capital Management Regulations – An analysis of the implications to Chinese banks
Mainland China Banking Survey 2011
A financial service centre booming with opportunity – Invest Hangzhou: Financial Service Industry
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) series: Implications for Banks
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) series: Implications for Funds
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) series: Implications for Insurance companies
Mainland China Trust Survey 2011 - Extending the reach of China's financial sector
China's Capital Markets - The changing landscape
Shanghai Stock Exchange - The International Board - January 2011
Listed banks in China - 2010 Interim results
China Investment Forum 2010 slides
Mainland China Securities Survey 2010
Mainland China Banking Survey 2010
Banking Survey Report 2009 - Hong Kong and Macau
Listed banks in China - 2009 Final results
An accessible economy - Microfinance in China
Shanghai Stock Exchange - The International Board
China's Trust Sector: The next chapter
Mainland China Securities Survey 2009
Listed banks in China - 2009 Interim results
Mainland China Banking Survey 2009
Placing a Value on Enterprise Risk Management
Banking Survey Report 2008 - Hong Kong and Macau
Listed banks in China - 2008 Final results
Optimising regulatory return reporting
Listed banks in China - 2008 Interim results
Mainland China Securities Survey 2008
Incorporation and beyond - Challenges for foreign banks in China
Mainland China Banking Survey 2008
The Rise of China's Capital Markets: A study of China's stock, bond and derivatives markets
Banking Survey Report 2007 - Hong Kong and Macau
China's fund management joint ventures: The growing flow of wealth
Mainland China Securities Survey 2007
Opening doors in China - Incorporation of foreign banks
Listed banks in China - 2007 Final results
Retail banking in China: New frontiers
China's Trust Sector: A new chapter
Financial Services
Mainland China Banking Survey 2007
Listed banks in Hong Kong - 2007 Interim results
China city's commercial banks: Strategic options
Hong Kong and Macau Banking Survey Report 2006
Listed banks in Hong Kong - 2006 Final results
The heavenly mandate: Winning a piece of China's pension market
Securities Industry in China: Finding the bull
Mainland China Banking Survey 2006
China Fund Management Report 2004: Sino-foreign joint ventures in fund management: It takes two to tango
Asia Pacific Publications


Venture Pulse: Q4 Global analysis of venture funding
Venture Pulse: Q3 Global analysis of venture funding
Venture Pulse: Q2 Global analysis of venture funding
The View from the Top – CEOs see a powerful future for CFOs. Are CFOs ready for the challenge?
Evolving Banking Regulation ASPAC Edition — Regulation driving business change
Evolving Banking Regulation ASPAC Edition - The journey continues...
Turning big data into big value
A tectonic shift: The rise of Asia as a payments superpower
A Merchant's View of Card Payments in Asia Pacific
Evolving Regulatory Reforms - Impact on Asia Pacific Financial Institutions
Card payments in Asia Pacific - The state of the nations
Risk management priorities for Asia Pacific financial institutions: Basel II and beyond
State of the Investment Management Industry in Asia Pacific
Basel II in the Asia Pacific Banking Sector Survey 2008
Global Publications


Venture Pulse Q1 2016
Harnessing potential: Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report
Venture Pulse: Q4 Global analysis of venture funding
Fintech 100 Leading Global Innovators 2015
Opening the black box: Demystifying IFRS 4 Phase 2
The power of alliances: Partnering for the growth in the insurance sector
Approaching the Crossroads of Conduct and Culture - Improving culture in the financial services industry
Insurance – Redeliberations still on track
Sustainable Insight: Gearing up for Green Bonds
Evolving Banking Regulation 2015 - Part Three:Data and technology
Venture Pulse: Q3 Global analysis of venture funding
Insurers Increasingly Navigate Unconventional Course
Basel 4 revisited - The fog begins to clear
A New World of Opportunity: The insurance innovation imperative
Big data: The BIG factor driving competitive advantage
Global CEO Outlook 2015
Venture Pulse: Q2 Global analysis of venture funding
Applying artificial intelligence to insurance data
Going beyond the data: Turning data from insights into value
Frontiers in Finance – June 2015
Social media: Too big for wealth managers to ignore
Frontiers in Finance – Winter 2014
Automobile insurance in the era of autonomous vehicles
Demystifying the public private partnership paradigm: The nexus between insurance, sustainability and growth
Tapping into insurance FinTech: Own it, lease it or share it?
IFRS Newsletter: Insurance - May 2015
Growing Up: A New Environment for Hedge Funds
Evolving Insurance Regulation 2015: The journey begins
The evolving role of corporate development in banking
Keeping up with the Pace of Change
Financial services cultural assessment and transformation
Accounting for revenue is changing: Impact on insurance companies
Banks and insurers confront technology transformation: Why legacy system renewal projects may fail to deliver?
Cyber insurance: A market matures
Insurers ‘reclaim’ customer experience with digital tools
First Impressions: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments
Survey on Deposit Modelling: A global study of current practices
Automatic Exchange of Information: The Common Reporting Standard - How financial institutions can adapt to new global standards
Evolving Investment Management Regulation: Clarity leads to opportunity
Transforming Insurance: Securing competitive advantage
Evolving Insurance Regulation 2014
Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2014
FATCA: The Compliance Challenge is on for the Investment Management Industry
Implications and Insights for Banking
Insurance: IFRS 4 Phase II – revised exposure draft
the valued issuer
Solvency II, from building ERM frameworks to empowering Risk Management
New on the Horizon: Financial instruments - Expected credit losses
2013 Evolving Insurance Regulation: A new dawn
Illustrative financial statements: Banks
Frontiers in Tax - December 2012
Current Trends in Central Bank Financial Reporting Practices
IFRS Practice Issues for Banks: Fair value measurement of derivatives - the basics
Liquidity - A bigger challenge than capital
Getting ready for the IPO Journey
International funds and fund management survey
International hedge funds survey
Winning platforms: Choosing the right profile for the world's exchanges
Fill the glass to the brim II: have we broken through?
IFRS Practice Issues: Applying the consolidation model to fund managers
Evolving Banking Regulation - A long journey ahead - the outlook for 2012
Going Social
Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey 2011
IFRS Practice Issues for Banks: Loan acquisition accounting
Leasing Taxation
Monetizing mobile - How banks are preserving their place in the payment value chain
Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Survey 2011
FATCA and the funds industry: Defining the path
Illustrative financial statements: Banks
frontiers in tax
The Implications of Recovery and Resolution Plans
Evolving Banking Regulation - A marathon or a sprint?
Basel 3 Pressure is building…
Branch Capital Attribution Tax Survey 2010 - A survey of international practice
Changing gears: Rethinking a bank's approach to soft controls
"It's all about me" - Putting the focus back on the customer
Truth and fairness: Reputation and risk in auditing
Retail banking in Europe - Turbulent, but interesting...
Finance for small business - Incubator financing in South Africa
Consolidation and divestment in financial services
London - Washington
Turning a corner: Changes still to come in banking
The New York Stock Exchange IPO Guide
Side by side - Managing multiple brands in banking
After Copenhagen - Qualified failure, notable achievements
Keeping ahead of the curve: Investment Management in the new regulatory landscape
An enduring rebound? - The role of finance in the economic recession and recovery
IFRS - Things to look out for in 2010
The future is flexible - A new approach to cost optimisation
New on the Horizon: Extractive Activities
Strong support - Focus on six key pillars of your business
What Lies Beneath? How underlying factors of the crisis could help future risk management
IFRS Practice Issues: Fair Value Hierarchy
Evolving banking regulation
Cash is back in fashion, but is it here to stay?
New on the Horizon: ED/2009/12 Financial Instruments: Amortised Cost and Impairment
Central bank accountability and transparency
Frontiers in Finance - The long road to recovery
Being the best - Thriving not just surviving - Insights from leading finance functions
Frontiers in Finance - Turbulent times
Never again? Risk management in banking beyond the credit crisis
Frontiers in Finance - what next?
Managing Market Risk - New attitudes, old wisdom
Understanding and articulating risk appetite
Headroom: Clear strategy
Frontiers in Finance - Retail Banking in Focus
Beyond the baby boomers: the rise of Generation Y
Fraud Risk Management - Developing a Strategy for Prevention, Detection, and Response
Thinking about AIM?
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